LiDAR / 3D Modeling

Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensors use lasers to scan the ground and measure variable distances in 3D. The LiDAR produces high density point clouds that are not possible with photogrammetry methods. Examples include: mapping ground surfaces under heavy vegetation, accurately modeling 3D structures, and creating dense 3D point clouds.

Photogrammetry / Mapping

Capture informative survey, map, and inspection data while drastically reducing the time, costs, and risks associated with traditional surveying and mapping methods. The deliverables can help you make accurate measurements and assessments. One flight will produce a high-resolution orthomosaic map, a digital terrain model, a digital elevation model, and a 3D model.

Construction Progress Tracking

Help your team, stakeholders, and community gain better insight into the progress of your project with consistently up-to-date photos, videos, and data captured by our drone fleet.


Stand out from the competition with compelling content for your website, social media, and other marketing uses. Scout Drone USA will compile, edit, and enhance captured drone photos and videos to meet your marketing needs.